RED BUS EVENTS have provided vehicles for many filming and photography projects since the 1970s.


Over the years all kinds of productions have found the inclusion of a true classic image establishes that location with the viewer instantly. From being a feature vehicle or just passing in the background, the shape and outline of the double-deck bus, a real icon, can be incorporated in your production in so many ways. Even the vehicle interiors can offer many different scenarios within a story.

Buses stand head and shoulders above pedestrians and traffic, so are perfect to be used as a moving or static advertising hoarding, in the streets or at a trade show. Our team are happy to discuss and advise on all aspects of branding, from simple campaigns to full vehicle wraps.


Photographic opportunities abound with these vehicles, stills in studios or location. We regularly carry out fashion shoots and retro-look settings.

All aspects of media work are undertaken; we would be pleased to discuss your ideas and requirements.


We provide:

  • Distinctive British charm instantly recognised the world over
  • Vehicles that can be presented without advertising or logos
  • Drivers who understand film crew protocol
  • Vehicles that are London CC and LEZ compliant

For enquiries and quotations, please contact us.